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Our Approach

At Elevation Wealth Partners, we believe that financial planning is an ongoing process that requires commitment and collaboration. Our process is organized and straightforward, and it consists of the following steps:

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Step 1 - Discovery

During the discovery phase, we work with you to gather all of the information we need to understand where you stand today and what’s important to you.

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Step 2 - Analysis

The next step is to analyze your financial situation and develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. We will meet with you to discuss our findings and develop strategy

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Step 3 - Implementation

The most important aspect of a financial plan is putting it into action. This is why we continue to meet and work with you to take the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. We’re here to support you in whatever way you need, whether that is an accountability partner or a cheerleader. We also coordinate with your other professionals, such as your attorney or CPA.

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Step 4 - Monitoring

We monitor your progress and provide ongoing support to help you stay on track to achieve your goals. We meet with you regularly to review your portfolio and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your plan remains aligned with your goals.

We place great importance on a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. As such, it’s in your and our best interest to ensure it’s a good match prior to being invited to invest with Elevation.

Our commitments to you:

  • Everything we discuss will remain confidential
  • Our advice is personalized and recommendations are based on your needs
  • We will provide ongoing service and answer questions
  • We will meet on a regular basis for updates
  • We are committed to building a long-term relationship
  • We will fully disclose all costs applicable to you
  • We will bring in other advisors as needed. We’re not experts in everything!

Expectations of you:

  • Be open about telling us what you need and want
  • Provide us with all information and documents about your current finances
  • Return phone calls when requested. We will only call you when it is important
  • Let us know when something changes, it’s important that we have all of the information in order to best advise you